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The #SaturdayMorningHustle didn't start as a podcast, but a series of social media posts about the #Hustle and #Grind of owning your own business. These posts connect with entrepreneurs, business owners and everyone willing to work hard for what they wanted to achieve because I'm actually in the office every Saturday putting in extra work. One group that really connects with this idea are fitness professionals. No other lifestyle is more connected to "working hard every day to see results" more than the gym crowd. The irony is I am not in shape like these fitness coaches and trainers. But, we do have a similar mindset, work ethic and need to motivate others to achieve their goals. My aim is to help business people of all types, which includes fitness businesses as well. If you have a question or need advice for your startup, small business or self-brand (fitness, health or other) please feel free to connect with me on social media. That's what I'm here for. #Motivation #Inspiration #Fitness #Health #LiveWell #EvenOnTheWeekend #Entrepreneur #SelfBrand #Business #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinessOKC #Gym #Trainer #Coach

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