Tell the world you’re willing to do what it takes to make it to the top. That includes hustling, grinding and working on the weekend to build your career, self-brand or business. 


What is the #SaturdayMorningHustle podcast about?

If you want something bad enough, you have to hustle for it. You can’t just work 9-5 Monday through Friday and hope to become the next big thing. You must work smart, work hard and put in the extra effort while everyone is sleeping, playing or just wasting time. For me, that “bonus” time to get extra work done and set myself up for a more successful week to come in on Saturday morning. No phone calls, emails, or anyone around the office to distract me. It’s easier to stay in bed on the weekend, but big things don’t happen the easy way. 

Who is the podcast for?

The podcast is for entrepreneurs, hustlers, business owners, creative professionals, or anyone trying to go above and beyond in their career. If you work hard for yourself or someone else to create success, this is the podcast for you. If you’re launching/running a startup, a self-brand (influencer, coach, artist/musicians, etc.) or corporate climber, you can apply the ideas and tactics I discuss. 

I try to provide practical advice along with motivation without sugarcoating the truth. Being successful is hard, a lot of work and often can be frustrating. It helps to know you’re not alone in the process.

Why did you want to start the podcast?

The podcast started as a simple social media post on Saturday mornings. I don’t sleep much, but my wife likes to sleep in on Saturday. So I started going to the office, so I didn’t bother her. I would post pics of coffee and donuts or make short videos about stuff I was working on at the time. People started responding to the videos, wanting to know more about the video post’s topics. A podcast seemed the easiest way to provide more than a short video could. The idea behind the social media post started to connect with people. That inspired me to give more to anyone who wanted the content. The feedback was motivational for me, so it became a self-fulfilling cycle of good vibes.

What’s a good episode for first-time listeners to check out?

The SMH is 50% business advice and 50% motivation. For business advice, the episode “Stop Celebrating Failure, Make Changes Instead” https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stop-celebrating-failure-make-changes-instead/id1268398101?i=1000434837110 is very popular. The episode I recorded the day after TEDx OKC https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/inspired-by-tedx-oklahoma-city/id1268398101?i=1000434291347 that had a ton of motivational advice. The first “real” episode from August 12th, 2017 “Everyone Is Not Your Client” https://anchor.fm/kyle-golding/episodes/Everyone-is-not-your-client-e1010i set up the format and expectations of the series well. 

What have been some challenges and lessons learned during the production of your podcast?

I’m still experimenting with that format, but it’s been fruitful so far.

Any behind-the-scenes stories you wish to share?

Occasionally people are in the building on a Saturday. I get some funny looks as I’m talking to myself (often loudly) when recording the podcast or social media videos. I shot a video in a park once, and plenty of people walking their dogs or jogging thought I was weird. But, when someone tells me they listen to the podcast, take my advice, incorporate the tactics, or even quote my word back, it’s a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. 

A very nice young lady once pulled me aside during a (very loud) public event to tell me she liked the podcast and social media post. As I leaned in to hear her, she started crying. I felt terrible, but she was happy not sad. She got the advice she needed at the exact moment via the podcast, and everything worked out well for her. That’s amazing! We were both a little embarrassed hugging and crying in the middle of a party, but it was worth it to hear her incredible story of perseverance. 

What do you hope people will take away after listening to your podcast?

Today, success is not the straight-and-narrow A to B path it was in the past. This opens the door for people to create their own careers, supplement their day jobs with side hustles or pursue personal passions such as art, music or community activism. There is no one way to be successful, and you get to decide what success means to you. The only rule is you will have to work for it. The more work you’re willing to put in, the more potential you have to control your destiny. You must work smart, work hard and stay motivated. This podcast helps you do just that in 5 minutes or less every single Saturday. If you’re going to talk the hustle and grind talk, walk the walk. Rise and shine to outwork your competition, even on the weekend.