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#SaturdayMorningHustle pearl of wisdom today: Everyone is not your client/customer. One of the things I get the most response to at #BeersAndBranding is that to be successful your brand must be highly specialized with an extremely specific target audience. The quickest way to fail is trying to be everything to everyone. You have to find a true position in your industry, differentiate yourself from the competition and then continuously work to stay connected to your best customers. It sounds simple, but that's a lot of work every day, never actually ending. You can't stop, because the world around you will keep changing. This is the challenge of running a business. You can embrace these ideas and do well or do things your own way and go bankrupt. If I can help you find your path to success, hit me up in the DM. #GoodLuck #Business #entrepreneur #Success #AudienceDevelopment #Positioning #Marketing #Advice #WorkSmart then #WorkHard #EvenOnTheWeekend @beersandbranding

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