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No, we're not on a new diet for the #SaturdayMorningHustle but instead reminding you (while reminding myself) that we all need to take the advice and guidance we give to others as direction for ourselves. There's nothing like a less-than-happy conversation with a client to make you feel really stupid for expecting discipline and structure from them (of your making or theirs) but not yourself as well. Trust me, I'm speaking from very recent experience. This is called "eating your own dog food" or "taking your own medicine" or "walking it like you talk it" – you get the message, right? Too many people in business and other pursuits fear rules or structure because they don't want to be constrained or held back by a business plan or marketing strategy. Of course, this is misguided. The plan create structure with room to adapt so you can be creative or make different decisions on the fly when adaptation is needed. That's how it's (supposed to be) designed to work best. Everyone needs to be working towards the same goals, via different objectives and tactics while remembering the big picture. Anything "held back" by a good plan probably deserves to be skipped. So, what is one way (or more) you can do more of what you say or eat your own dog food better after this gentle reminder? How will you be better at following the rules you set in order to reach success in a better way? Best of luck! See you next week. It's Saturday, I'm in the office so it must be the Saturday Morning Hustle. #RiseAndGrind #EvenOnTheWeekend #WorkSmart #WorkHard Subscribe to the podcast on #iTunes on Google Play on @anchor and streaming on @Spotify The #SaturdayMorningHustle t-shirts are now available for everyone at so get yours today. #SaturdayMorning #Entrepreneur #Business #Success #Truth #Grind #Hustle #StartUpLife #NoExcuses #BusinessOwner #Leadership #Dedication #Commitment #NoShortcuts #Motivation #Career #AboveAndBeyond #Advice #Inspiration #Motivation #Opportunity #Effort #Win

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