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#SaturdayMorningHustle advice: #Positioning – You know the story of David vs. Goliath, right? The average man David slew the undefeated giant Goliath with a simple slingshot. But how does this apply to today, and for business? Simple: Positioning. The process of competing by utilizing your business strengths, mitigating your weaknesses and never going head-to-head with your competitor greatest strengths. You can't beat Wal-Mart with price or selection but you can win the customer service battle. Find the place (the position) in your industry that maximizes your strengths without competing with others greatest strength. This gives you best advantge to win. The only way to find your truest position is to be honest about your strengths/weaknesses, research your competition and execute tactics based on this information and not your ego, gut feeling or "how we've always done it" excuses. Good luck! #Business #Success #Advice #Entrepreneur #StartUp #Marketing #Compete to #Win #Strength #Advantage #Profit #Audience #WorkSmart the #WorkHard

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